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13.02Dodano opcję zakupu 50 cc (aby nie musieć klikać wiele razy przy większych zakupach 20cc).
13.02W związku z tym, że tylko jeden team potrafi expić na low exp i rashidzie w różnych miastach postanowiliśmy, że rashid będzie też w Thais depot.
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Sprawdź szybki EXP, EVO: Rexia.PL - Kliknij tu!

11 Feb 2024 - ZIVERA STARTED!

ivera is ONLINE! Reminder to pick up free code for premium points, just LIKE US fanpage and write a private message "Done".

3 Feb 2024 - START SATURDAY 18:00 CET

n February 10 (SATURDAY) at 18:00 Polish Time returns Zivera.PL.

Exp Stage:
• 1-50 - x50
• 51-75 - x30
• 76-100 - x10
• 101-125 - x8
• 126-140 - x6
• 141-160 - x3
• 161-180 - x2
• 181+ - x1.0

Loot: x2.5
Spawn: x1
Skills: x10
Mlev: x8, x5 for magic voctions

Meditation system
This is a special system that we can regenerate our stamina while ONLINE! This system works in Thais Depot, currently through meditation we get up to two minutes of stamina every minute, where being offline every three minutes only one minute of stamina. The system renews our stamina up to a maximum of 40 hours.

Points for guilds
We have a unique guild points system, namely a special !guildpoints command that can be used once for each guild leader. It will only award points to online players whose level is greater than 10. The command can be used once on a given guild, player, IP and other unique information that we obtain (hint: wait for all players before use). The command assigns 300 guild points to the account of each player who meets the requirements of receiving points.

Ring/amulets/ue exhaust - If you will deal damage to other player, exhaust will turn on automaticaly for the next few minutes. Exhaust will last for 10 seconds and it will turn off automatically if you won't deal any damage to a player for 3 minutes.

Extremely stable, sufficient and advanced server engine - Engine that runs Narvia is currently the best engine in the OTS world, there is no possibility of rollbacks. It works on many threads which makes it different from our competitor's engines.

Cast System - This system is enjoyed by our players and used very often. It allows players to broadcast their game and also watch other players playing on our server. Cast on give 10% bonus exp.

We hope to see everyone on the server!
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