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Hunting Arenas is a place where a player can easily hunt for a certain amount of time. To get to the hunting arenas, you go to any boat and you need to talk to npc Captain:

Player: Hi
Captain: Oh, please come in, Asek. If you have any problem, say travel.
Player: Hunting Arenas

Captain will take us to a small boat. There will be only one way to the north.
When you're on the boat, you are on the 'Hydras' island. You can find map with all small islands just below.

1. Hydras.
2. Dragon Lords.
3. Bog Raiders.
4. Nightmares.
5. Frost Dragons.
6. Demons.

1. Dragons.
2. Medusas.
3. Draken Elite.
4. Fury.
5. Sea Serpents.
6. Behemots.
7. Ghastly Dragons.

There are 5 rooms on each island. Only 1 person can be inside one room.
In front of every room there is a teleport. To be able to access it you need to have 1 golden nugget.
You can get it from Sms Shop or from events organised by Support.
Remember that to enter a teleport, you need to have golden nugget in your backpack!

One golden nugget last for 10 minutes of hunting in each room. After 10 minutes you will be automatically kicked from the room. To go inside again you need another golden nugget.

After entering the room, a monster will appear automatically. In each room there is a special SQM that looks exacly the same as in the picture below.

If you want next monster to appear you need to stand on this square. This SQM works only once every 10 seconds. So, if we stand on this square once and monster appears, the next monster will be available after 10 seconds when standing on the magic SQM.
You can use 36 times gold nuggets on arena per day.
Have fun :)