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Server specificationIntel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E3-1271 v3 @ 3.60GHz
SSD 128 GB
Connection1000 mbps
Stages• 1-50 - x150
• 51-100 - x75
• 101-120 - x50
• 121-140 - x25
• 141-160 - x15
• 161-180 - x5
• 181-200 - x2.5
• 201+ - x2
Magic levelx8, x5 for magic voctions
Loot ratefrom x2.0 to x3.0 = ~2.5
HousesWe have 0 houses on 0 houses are empty.
You can buy one of them from 100 lvl.
PVP protectionTo 40 level
If you will death to this level, you will be just teleported to temple, without death.
Skull SystemRed Skull (24h):
15 unjustified kills per a day
Black Skull (36h):
30 unjustified kills per a day
MapRl Map 8.6 with few new cities
Videosclick here
Black Knight Quest
Blessed Wooden Stake Quest
Behemoth Quest
Bright Sword Quest
Banshe Quest
Crusader Helmet Quest
Deeper Fibula Quest
Demon OAK Quest
Demon Helmet Quest
Double SD Quest
Double Hero Quest
Dream Challenge Quest
Fire Axe Quest
Firewalker Boots Quest
In Service of Yalahar Quest
Koshei the Deathless Quest
Mad Mage Room Quest
Naginata Quest
Necromancer Quest
Orc Fortress Quest
Paradox Tower Quest
Pits of Inferno Quest
The Inquisition Quest
The New Frontier Quest
Vampire Shield Quest
Greenhorn Arena
Scrapper Arena
Warlord Arena
Wrath of the Emperor Quest

and many others!
Other- Guilds Chat
- Instant Server Save
- Huge amount of quests that are working
- Working raids and bosses
- The most advanced system against hacking
- The best Real Map you will ever find
- Modern website
- Full security against attacks from outside
- Vocation balance that we worked on for months
- Items auction (alternative sms shop)
- Recommendation system
- Instant bug report system
- Attack algorithm fixed
- Cast System
- Change spells to emote / normal
- Tasks
- Multi threading server engine
- Unique anti-crash system
- Addons rank
- Powergamers
- Top Online
- Quest Makers
- A long history and good opinion of players :)