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RLEVO Commands

Command Description
!aolBuy amulet of loss for 30000 gp.
!blessBuy all blesses for [price: (level-10)*1000, min 10k]
/bg !guildSend message to all guild members.
!bug {description}Send bug report.
/castMore informations here
!goChange outfit for all party members.
!outfitChange outfit for all guild members.
!onlineShow amount of online players.
!uptimeShow server uptime.
!fragsShow your frags.
!hideDisable information about blessings.
!showEnable information about blessings.
!spellsChange spells mode (normal/emote).
/warMore informations here

RLEVO House Commands

Command Description
!buyhouseBuy house.
!leavehouseLeave from house.
!sellhouse {player}Sell house.
alana sioKick from house.
aleta gravEdit door access list.
aleta sioEdit guests list.
aleta somEdit subowners list.
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